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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the admission requirements for first time freshmen?

All CSU campuses use a combination of your high school college preparatory courses, grade point average and the score from either the SAT or ACT to determine whether you are eligible for admission to the campus.

CSUSB is an impacted campus. This means we receive far more applications from CSU qualified students than we can register in classes. Additional admission standards have been set for students graduating from California high schools outside of our defined local area.

Students must also complete this A-G college preparatory pattern of courses with grades of “C” or better:

A-G college preparatory requirements
Subject Years
English 4 years
Math (Algebra, Geometry, Algebra II) 3 years
Laboratory Science (1 Life, 1 Physical) 2 years
Language other than English> 2 years
Visual/ Performing Art 1 year
Social Science (1 US His/Am Govt, 1 World His/Geog/Cultures) 2 years
Elective (any college prep course taken in addition to those above) 1 year

Acceptable courses from your high school may be found at UC Doorways.

Eligibility Index:

  • Your GPA and SAT or ACT test scores are combined to determine an eligibility index. The formula used to determine the eligibility index depends on the test.
  •  SAT: GPA x 800 + total SAT (critical reading and math) = Eligibility Index
  • ACT: GPA x 200 + (ACT total x 10) = Eligibility Index

Local Area Eligibility Index:

  • The minimum acceptable eligibility index for a CA resident from a local area school for the SAT is 2900 for many of our majors.
  • The minimum acceptable eligibility index for a CA resident from a local area school for the ACT is 694 for many of our majors.
  • Depending on the major you apply to, a GPA of 3.0 and above qualifies for admission with any score. All first time freshmen applicants must submit SAT or ACT test scores for admission.
  • The minimum GPA to qualify for admission is a 2.0.

Out of Local Area Eligibility Index:

  • The eligibility index for the Out of Local Area is set based on the application pool for the term. The minimum qualifying index for applicants outside of the local area will vary depending on the number of qualified applicants received at the end of the priority application filing period and enrollment limits.

Out-of-state/non-resident students:

  • For most majors, a GPA of 3.61 and above qualifies with any score. All first time freshmen applicants must submit SAT or ACT test scores for admission.
  • The minimum GPA to qualify for admission is a 2.45.


What does CSUSB consider to be its local area?

CSUSB has defined its local area to include public school districts within San Bernardino and Riverside Counties. Some private and parochial schools have been accounted for within the local area as well.

Local Area School Districts within San Bernardino County include:

  • Apple Valley Unified
  • Chaffey Joint Unified High
  • Colton Joint Unified
  • Fontana Unified
  • Hesperia Unified
  • Morongo Unified
  • Redlands Unified
  • Rialto Unified
  • Rim of the World Unified
  • San Bernardino City Unified
  • Victor Valley Union High
  • Yucaipa-Calimesa Joint Unified

Private and parochial schools within San Bernardino County include:

  • Academy for Academic Excellence
  • Apple Valley Christian Baptist
  • Aquinas High School
  • Arrowhead Christian Academy
  • Bloomington Christian K-12
  • Calvary Chapel Christian School
  • Hesperia Christian School
  • Loma Linda Academy
  • Ontario Christian High
  • Public Safety Academy
  • Sherman Indian High School
  • Victor Valley Christian School

Local Area School Districts within Riverside County include:

  • Banning Unified
  • Beaumont Unified
  • Coachella Valley Unified
  • Desert Sands Unified
  • Jurupa Unified
  • Moreno Valley Unified
  • Palm Springs Unified
  • Riverside Unified

Private and parochial schools within Riverside County include:

  • Baptist Christian
  • California Lutheran High School
  • Christian School of the Desert
  • Palm Springs Christian High School
  • Riverside Christian High School
  • Woodcrest Christian School


Are there any impacted majors at CSUSB?

An impacted major is one where more applications are received from eligible students during the initial filing period than the campus can enroll. There are four majors at CSUSB where admission requirements for the major are set higher than other majors at CSUSB. These majors are Criminal Justice, Kinesiology: Pre-Physical Therapy, Nursing, and Social Work.

Applicants to Nursing and Social Work will be required to complete a supplemental application in order to be fully admitted into the major.

California residents are the only students who will be accepted into the Nursing major.


What are the deadlines for admission?

Each campus in the CSU system has its own deadlines.

The deadlines to attend CSUSB for Fall include:

  • Submit your Application on CSUMentor: November 30
  • Pay the $55 Application Fee: January 13
  • Submit 7th Semester Transcript: February 15
  • Submit final transcripts and other documents required for your application: July 1

Mail any supporting documents for your application to:

Admissions & Student Recruitment
5500 University Parkway
San Bernardino, CA 92407

The following deadlines are your next steps to registering:

  • Pay the $100 Confirmation Deposit: May 1
  • Accept your offer of Admission: May 1
  • Take the EPT/ELM: May 1
  • Complete ESP (if you do not have any test scores to exclude you): August 1
  • Sign up for SOAR: July 15

Additional deadlines include:

  • Submit your Free Application for Student Aid (FAFSA): March 2
  • Apply to EOP: March 2
  • Apply for Housing: March


What happens if I miss a deadline for admissions or next steps to registering?

CSUSB is an impacted campus, receiving more applications from CSU qualified students than we can enroll. Missing a deadline, even by one day, for any reason, could result in you being blocked from registering in courses for the quarter you applied to. If you were already registered in courses for the quarter you applied to, missing a deadline could result in your being dropped from courses and not being allowed to enroll in the quarter again.  If you are not able to attend the quarter you applied to and still wish to attend CSUSB, you would need to apply again to a later, available quarter.


How do I apply?

You may submit an application online at CSUMentor. All applicants must pay a non-refundable, non-transferable processing fee of $55 for every CSU application submitted unless qualified for a fee waiver. Qualified students may apply for a need based fee waiver that may be used for up to four campuses.

The CSU undergraduate application does not require you to write an essay or submit any letters of recommendation. Students applying to our Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) will need to complete a supplemental application and additional information is necessary.

Students applying to an impacted major may have to submit additional information for full admission to the major.


After I submit my online application, when will I hear from CSUSB?

If you have a confirmation number from CSUMentor, you should hear from Cal State San Bernardino within approximately two weeks. If you have not received any acknowledgement of your application after that time, please contact us by phone at (909) 537-5188 or by e-mail at


Where can I find out about financial aid and scholarships?

Most importantly, be aware that you should never have to pay anyone for information regarding financial aid. Free applications for student aid are available online or at the financial aid center on campus.

All government grants, scholarships and loan applications for financial aid are available at FAFSA.

Free federal assistance is available to all students who demonstrate financial need. Cal Grant money will help qualifying state residents. Scholarships are available to students who meet their application requirements.

Aid is also available to help students and their parents pay for any college expenses through loans.       

Financial Aid Office includes Cal States San Bernardino’s own scholarship opportunities and application information.

The Campaign for College Opportunity is a scholarship contest open to all California 6th – 12th grade students.  Eligible students are allowed to enter the contest each year.



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